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28th Nov 2013, 21:55
Today was the first chance I had to play with friends, and it took us a bit to figure out how to accept an invitation from the other person. There's an option in the Friends list for "invite", but we couldn't find one for "accept invite" or "join game" - the only way we found to do that was to go into the tabbed message view, click the drop-down arrow, and pick it from there. Because the lobbies can fill up so quickly, does it make sense to have a dedicated "accept invitation" button appear in the friends list of the recipient when an invite is sent? That would be a lot faster to respond to :).

Related to this (but requiring more work) - would it be possible to introduce a mechanism for "teaming up" before joining a lobby, so that everyone who is trying to invite each other stands a better chance of ending up in the same game? We only had about 20 minutes to play together, and through bad luck a couple of servers crashed at the same time, so I kept getting dropped into matches-in-progress when what I really wanted to do was get into a lobby to invite my two friends.

29th Nov 2013, 09:54
I completely agree with you on this one!
It is no way – at all – easy to find how to accept an invite to a game (inviting people is easy and done a good way though). It would be much better if a little boxed popped up either instead or after the other one that says “x has invited you to a game” a “join x in a game” would be easier, an option in the same place as invite that says "accept" or even a drop down on the main lobby page. Clicking on all the stupid buttons and going to find the person and dropping down options – is not helpful or easy.
I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do this if I wasn’t told a step by step process last night by Blinc – I couldn’t find how to accept a couple of nights ago on my own and really wanted to play with a mate who’d invited me to a game.
This not getting in the same game or getting to a friend is a major draw back to the game in wanting to play with friends – having this work easily will get people/keep people playing so might be something to look at.
I don’t know how it works in other games – but this is an option people will want to find easily! :D
Blinc - I think if we invite when we're in the lobby before we search and then search it makes sure we end up in the same game? - I'm sure someone said that!?...maybe

29th Nov 2013, 10:26
Hello and good day,

It is true that st this moment there is no IG message that says you got an invite.
But if you activate stream message sounds, you might hear a bleep. If you are on ts or an other chat program tell each other you invited each other, press <default stream: shift + tab> to get to the stream overview.

Next if a friend is in a lobby your friends can press join.

You can also send invites before you found a lobby this will create one. There is only one side note, it is bugged. If you start serving for other players only the leader will be put in the game.

Hope this helps a bit.
(I support the IF button)

Best regards,

29th Nov 2013, 12:47
Thanks for the info Hiru :D
It would definitely make life soooooo much easier if there was an easy in-game button/option though.

29th Nov 2013, 21:50

I indeed agree that it would make it easier. But for now we have to make do with what we have.
I think this option will be implemented some day but is not priority over things that improve our game play at this moment and the true bug crushing.

(Fixed bugs = New bugs)