View Full Version : KH3D coming to e-shop?

27th Jul 2012, 22:40
Hello there wise people of the square forums. I just got a 32gb sdhc card for my 3ds xl because I heard retail games are coming to the e-shop.(yay) I was hoping KH3D would be coming to the e-shop but I asked at some forums that they say KH3D would most likely not get a digital version. Now I curse myself for buying a 32gb card in the first place.

28th Jul 2012, 02:17
Maybe that specific game won't come (I'll also say I doubt it'll make a digital release, since BbS never made it to PSN), but surely there will be enough games coming out to make your purchase worthwhile.

I haven't used the eShop yet, but I assume it has the occasional sales, so that's the best time to stock up. Also, does the 3DS have a video player? Maybe you can throw some movies/shows into that card? But if nothing else, 32 GB at least ensures you don't have to worry about memory for a long time ^^

28th Jul 2012, 02:24
The esop/3ds does not have a video player with out some weird haking thing(which i dont do) It does have nintedo video on it though. And all summer they have some "8-bit" games on sale. This month they also have mario games on sale on eshop. If you want new super mario bros2 they are putting that on the store and if you have a club nintendo you will get like 100 coins other than 60 or 50. If you like RPGS i heard thay are also going to put a bigger but not sold in stores game in the store called unchained blades or somthing but i think it is coming out later this year or somtime next year.

PS. If you have a netflix you can watch netflix on it.

28th Jul 2012, 08:44
Ahh well. This kinda sucks. Unchained blades? Sure I'll pick that up when it's released. Thanks for the answers guys, just hope square even consider putting kh3d on eshop.