View Full Version : USER INTERFACE 1st Round draw reported as defeat

28th Nov 2013, 20:58
Not quite sure where to stick this one.

Had a game tonight where the 1st round was scored at 36 all, the last kill being made within the last few seconds of the round however on the Round End screen, a score of 36 all was shown but it was listed as Round defeat - not sure how else Nosgoth classifies wins/losses if it's done off damage or some other score system. (Haven't got the server unfrotunately, but the round ended at 7.24pm GMT).

28th Nov 2013, 21:59
Jeffers, did the team that showed defeat get to 36 after the team that showed victory? If so, I think the system is working as designed. In case of a draw, whoever got to the final score first wins :).

28th Nov 2013, 22:05
Can't remember that little detail, however you could well be right!

29th Nov 2013, 21:54
If iam correct the 1st round goes off score.

But who ever wins the second round will win overall. It is a known bug at this moment and will be fixed ASAP.

30th Nov 2013, 20:04
It happened again yesterday when I was playing. If the first round is a draw whoever reaches the score first is classed as the winner.

Don't know whether that's the way it should be or whether it should say draw. It does make some sense that way though.

2nd Dec 2013, 23:13
I think when it is in the first round it should state the first that reaches 40 kills.
when it happens to total kills (so after second round)

lets say 80 - 80
It should check score (Highest score wins)
if score is equal then draw

(At this moment the game will always say the overall winner is the winner from the last round)

3rd Dec 2013, 12:35
I was told by one of the devs that draws are classed as defeat for both teams as it was not a victory. it was after a game with one of them (can't remember which) in which we scored an over all draw for the 2 rounds.
That was a couple of weeks ago, don't know if anything has changed as patch notes are like unicorn poop (extremely rare).

21st Feb 2014, 15:43
Just to pop this back up again. I had a match the other day which ended in a draw after 2 rounds, but was reported as a defeat. The logic in the rounds I can understand (first to score get's the victory) however I still think that even though it is likely to be a rare occurance, you'll get some pretty annoyed people getting a draw classed as defeat.