View Full Version : MISC. Graphics/Audio Lag normally in the first game

28th Nov 2013, 20:54

I seem to be having a issue, particualrly noticable in the first couple of games.

In the first game, the first 10 mins or so of the first round will play fine and then after that I seem to hit a bit of lag which will continue for the rest of that round and then into the second. Audio becomes very jittery and echoy (best way to describe it), more noticable when you are spawning and you get the first bit of speech. The ingame music carries on as normal throughout.

Everything seems to be fine when returning to the lobby.

The 2nd game I can't quite remember the details exactly however I think the problem normally continues to have the same issues in the first round, but gets better throughout and is normally ok by the 2nd round. The 3rd game will then play without issue throughout.

Server I seemed to be playing on tonight was EU 267362, ping according to the scoreboard at the time was 52.

I've gradually lowered the graphics settings down over the last few days, with today me putting the settings on low and the issue persisting in the same pattern. Because of various commitments, I don't normally start to play until 7pm GMT, so means the issues generally occur about 7.15/7.20pm GMT.