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22nd Aug 2007, 17:55
Hey there!

I have 2 problems:

I have a copy of Thief 2 that is issued by "Sold Out". It is the Eidos version and the Version is listed as 1.07 final. I cannot patch it. The patch brings up an error of missing file and then stops. I have tried both the 1,05 to 1.18 patch and the 1.18 patch. Both patches were downloaded form Gamespot.

Also, in "shipping and receiving" there is no pirate carrying Davidson's key. There is only 1 pirate that enters Building B and the one Pirate on the boat who is carrying a pouch.

Any ideas?


22nd Aug 2007, 20:23
The SOLDOUT patch is not the one you downloaded from the USA site.

You require the "Premier" which you can find here:


The UK and other versions cannot use the patch for the USA EIDOS version.

22nd Aug 2007, 23:30
Thank you.

Will this solve the missing "Captain Davidson"s Key"?



22nd Aug 2007, 23:38
Look in the water. Sometimes one of the ninja types gets drowned. I don't remember at the moment if there are two or three of them.

Also you can enter the rooms by means of the roof, as well as get to the upper part of the stacked crates. There are items hidden among the merchandise on the main warehouse floor.

Take a lot of time to look around and THINK about each room or area you enter. Use your eyes and examine everything very carefully.

This mission has a great deal of things to discover, and if you hurry you will overlook 50 to 80% of what is there.

This includes the crates stacked outside in the grounds.

23rd Aug 2007, 00:03
True, true. This is a replay for me.

I just patched it.The patch.wri file says that it resets the saves to the beginning of the chapter. I guess I will have to find out later.

Again, thank you for your help and your quick response. Alas, if I could just get Thief Gold to run on XP. (I have been DYING to play it for a LOOOONG time.)

May the forceps be with you, Luke Warmwater.