View Full Version : License date has EXPIRED!

22nd Aug 2007, 08:03
I've played TRA normally til it comes a message like this:
License date has expired.
Please contact the software provider to update the software or extend the license.

http://aycu04.webshots.com/image/26283/2004683507755249930_rs.jpg (http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2004683507755249930)

What am I to do now?
Please help me!

22nd Aug 2007, 08:52
Did you by the game or download a demo?

22nd Aug 2007, 09:21
Did you by the game or download a demo?

I've bought a DVD yet.
It's a 3.9Gb version.
Does TRA have any update? Do I need to install updates from the Software Provider - Edios? If so, where?
Please help me.

22nd Aug 2007, 09:31
TR doesn't have any updates as far as I'm aware, you shouldn't be getting this message if you buy the game. Try uninsalling and reinstalling, this may solve the problem. If the above doesn't work contact the company fron where you got the game. :)

22nd Aug 2007, 11:27
Perhaps it is time you brought the game :confused:

23rd Aug 2007, 04:49
After trying some methods, it still didn't work. Then I decided to buy a new DVD. Well, it's OK now.
Maybe there's something wrong with my old DVD.
Anyway, thank you guys. :thumbsup:

23rd Aug 2007, 12:01
Maybe there's something wrong with my old DVD.

Yup, it was a pirate copy of the review version that leaked onto the web before the actualy game was released.

27th Aug 2007, 08:56
nstlegend, make sure you buy the game in a real game store.