View Full Version : is anyone still playing online?

22nd Aug 2007, 02:06
hey i just bought the game project snowblind, but no one is online, hoping some people would go for a few rounds in the multiplayer on sunday the 26th at about 5pm altantic time

23rd Aug 2007, 23:20
yeah i beat it and sold it already, had to get xbox360, sorry

13th Apr 2008, 13:21
Hello everybody ! I'm new to Eidos forums so I don't exactly know if I'm posting this right, but are the servers for project snowblind still running ? cause I have tried to create an online account and it gives me something like "cant create account servers might be down at this time". Also.. is anybody still playing ? I remember I played it a year or two ago and there were less people :( lovely game. 10x in advance