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28th Nov 2013, 15:30
hey everyone i was wondering if you guys could add more game sessions because it is hard to go on at 18:00 to 22:00 and i want to get more playtime because this game is so much fun and i was also wondering why there are no weekend play times i understand that you guys are busy but more play times will mean that more people can go on and more bugs and suggestions can be found

28th Nov 2013, 18:12
Dear Soccerxplayerx,

By the question you ask I hear you are from the new roll out of recruits.

The times where as followed:

Tuesday 18:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 18:00 -21:00
Thursday 18:00 - 21:00

or something

now it is Monday to Friday

They expend when they can

30th Nov 2013, 15:36
it would be nice if they could open it on weekends

30th Nov 2013, 17:57
Dear Asutsi,

Think of alpha testing as a part time job.
When we play the dev team is working to see what is going on with server status.
Some of them are in game to check what is going on there and if they find anything.

This is something they cannot do in the weekends.
Next to that they have to pay for the server cost.

They will expend more and more.
When it reaches full release you can expect to be able to play 24/7

They increased the up time by one hour btw.

30th Nov 2013, 23:15
I actually think there are too many tests right now. We have not that many testers and having it 5 days a week means people are hardly playing.

1st Dec 2013, 00:46
I agree with Strike.

Even though Iam one of the people who asked for more game/server time.
I do notice the drop in online players.

3rd Dec 2013, 14:11
hmm, i only played 1 session so far (the full three hours) and had no problem finding matches. As i´m craving for more playtime right now i can only second this Thread.^^ Although a drop in Players is a valid concern.