View Full Version : ASUS EN 7300 GS and water surface

19th Aug 2007, 01:56
Anyone have problem with water surface ? who have this problem whice gfx card you use ? i dont understand why this gfx card can not render water surface. with other like B&W2 3DMark06 or anything else it never have problem. I test with TRA and TRL Demo it the same. may be the card themself or maybe game engine that have problem. hmm. anyone try to change shader version in REG of the game ? it tell me it use version 3.0. i think it use 2.0. but use 2.0 give me only eye and some glow effect. so i think i can not do anything. hope this problem will be solve with some patch or may be some new gfx card... no way...

20th Aug 2007, 07:50
Could be your graphics card check out the thread "major problems" on this forum.