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28th Nov 2013, 07:32
Hi there,

I certainly don't mean to be intrusive but my friend and I had sent out requests to test the beta version of Nosgoth. He'd heard back and received his key. I was curious if any have been sent keys that might've been lost in the shuffle or could they be easily overlooked in email filtering? Any direction I could be pointed in to ascertain?

Thanks much for your time,

~ Jason ~

28th Nov 2013, 09:33
Hi :D From what has been revealed by George and the gang (via the blog and posts) the selection process is pretty random, when accepted an email should come from noreply@xmail.eu.square-enix.com. It’s best to add this to your “this is not junk mail list” in your email account :D

28th Nov 2013, 09:47
More details in this thread: Nosgoth's Closed Alpha Has Begun! (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97)

2nd Dec 2013, 18:27
really hope I get to test this game ... I loved legacy of Kain and love online gaming and vampires in general. Although I've never tested before I'd really like to have a go ...and would love to help make this the most awesome of games through whatever input I can help with. XD

12th Dec 2013, 10:25
Well just to not over excite you, it is still CLOSED ALPHA. When I did my first alpha, I had already had 3 betas under my belt and I asked some of my guildmates what to expect. One summed it up, "You will be lucky if you can move where you want to move." While an overexaggeration, it did help my mindset. I went in expecting very little of the functioning and was pleasantly surprised that it did function. When I came find glaring errors and coding problems (I'm one of those explorer types, I'm ALWAYS falling off the back of some mountain into oblivion.), it didn't bother me as I expected worse.

As a functioning game, alphas are pretty rough. Having enemies spawn on your head (sometimes literally), taking damage through terrain (you may not even understand what is hitting you), magic spells or items not functioning properly, just about every horror story you hear about a game release all packaged up in one spot. The cool thing is, when you hit beta, it's a night and day change. Poor/rough graphics and spotty game mechanics yield to better graphics (although not launch quality. They save that for launch [duh]) and more streamlined gameplay.

---I couldn't tell by your statement, but if you haven't been in a beta before, continue reading---

Beta is more fun because you are not CONSTANTLY writing bug reports. You get to experience more of the game and you are looking more for text errors, clipping art, broken links in a mission chain, incorrect idiot lights, and more "feel" based feedback (i.e. does it FEEL like Nosgoth).

As launch gets closer you start doing stress tests and you get to invite friends to play over a weekend or some such. Getting people to do crazy stuff that most programmers would never think that a player would do (yea, you know who you are.) You always see those guys they are usually the ones standing on a piece of terrain you never thought to trying to get to.

It's kind of crazy during those weekends because as a community, you get to know the people you play with. You see their names all the time, you party with them, you chat, you ask questions, you answer them, too. Then BOOM, newbloods and they are acting all crazy. Not really, just normal obnoxious MMO behavior, but it's such a contrast to the select community you had, it seems that way.

Oddly, you WANT that because you have to find out how to deal with overly obnoxious behavior. Many times you don't even test out your ignore list until this time. You want "that guy" and his obnoxious behavior so that you know that when 20 people gather around the fountain in the square and do a visually complex spell, the visual effects of the spell and the running water of the fountain cause an overload that crashes the system. Then you learn, "OK, we don't want to allow duels here until we can fix this glitch."


Looking back, I'm being long winded and I'm going to wrap up and say, be patient, you almost always get an invite EVENTUALLY. When they do the stress tests they invite just about everyone who applied.

Good luck. Hope to see you ingame.