View Full Version : Could eidos port Thief I and II to Macintosh?

17th Aug 2007, 20:20
I recently switched to Mac and noted their low selection of desktop games; some of the existing games are even ports of older pc games.

I was wondering if you might consider porting the older Thief games to Mac,

as they did with Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights in 2003. Robin Hood in 2004.

Now World of Warcraft and these design your own world games in 2006 and 7 :P.

I just think the old Thief games would hold up against most current mac games and could be played by those with simpler video cards.

18th Aug 2007, 00:56
Eidos is a publisher, not a developer. The development companies for all Thief versions are out of business. I am afraid your wish will never come true unless (a) Eidos releases the source, and (b) some altruistic person makes a port. The source has not been released, but I think it is about time. That is what you should petition for. In the meanwhile, perhaps a PC emulator would work.

I am not an Eidos employee, so I have no influence.

20th Aug 2007, 01:57
Thanks for the info.
I am still determined :thumbsup: so I have contacted MacPlay the publisher of other mac-ported pc games and put the question of the value of porting Thief I and II to them. I listed the Thief the Circle website and all the fan missions still being created and how many people still love playing thief.
Eidos can't be against making more money off of Thief, right?
So, crossed fingers, lets see what happens. Maybe they'll go for it..