View Full Version : playing on a different level

16th Aug 2007, 22:36
After you complete the game ( which I did) on easy with all artifacts, I would like to play the game again on medium difficulty. Should I create a new profile and start over or should I just replay the levels. And if I replay the levels will I get more cheats and options because I'm playing it on medium. Or will I get all the same cheats (from easy and more from medium) if I start with a new profile. Do ya comprehend what I'm saying here. I want to see all the cheats and options that are available when I'm complete with a difficulty level.

16th Aug 2007, 23:03
The difficulty settings have absolutely NO EFFECT on what you unlock in the rewards. If you start a new profile to play on a different difficulty, you have to earn everything again. If you're after the rewards, I say stick to the profile you've already got, you get rewards for progressing through the levels, completing the game, finding the artifacts and relics, and completing the Time Trials. That goes for Croft Manor as well.

19th Aug 2007, 14:49
Ok thanks, thats the info I was lookin for!:)