View Full Version : Odd perfomances issues with Thief 3

16th Aug 2007, 12:03

I installed Thief 3 today, because I borrowed it from a mate. What I had to discover is, that it tends to be pretty laggy, especially in areas where there is light and hence, shadows.

It is odd, since my machine should be quite sufficient to play it in a decent resolution with full details:

2 Ghz AMD
Radeon 9700 Pro
1024 MB Kingston HyperX PC3200
Terratec Xfire 1024

I play it in 1280x1024, full details and would like to have it at 4x Multisampling, cause it looks a bit dated otherwise. But even on 2x Multisampling and in some areas even with 1x Multisampling, its not fun to play.

I would be grateful for every kind of help, since I even have reinstalled the old 4.4 Catalyst drivers, recommended in one troubleshooting thread.


16th Aug 2007, 17:41
alright, i checked it out now with fraps.

My framerate stays stable between 30-40 fps as long as there is no source of dynamic lighting in sight (a swinging candle, etc.).

Turning settings up or down has no effect that phenomenon.

Is that a giveaway? Normally, the 9700 Pro has no problems with DL...

17th Aug 2007, 02:04
ok, i tweaked this game even further. Now I am never dropping below 25 fps even in range of dynamic light sources.

But what the hekk? Its still frikkin sluggish... :mad2:

Ok, help is would be really appreciated by now, i am slowly loosing my temper (which barely ever happens). Otherwise that game ends up in the virtual bin soon.

17th Aug 2007, 02:27
TDS is a resource hog, no doubt about it. Different systems have different results. The only solution I know of, apart from making sure your system is working efficiently, is to lower the video processing. I first played it with an Athlon 1.2 GHz and Nvidia Ti 4200, which is certainly below your system. I played it at 800 x 600 with no video features turned on. It looked fine to me. I think you are too preoccupied with resolution, antialiasing, etc. I suggest you set it back to minimum and enjoy the game. I think it should look fine at 1280 x 1024 without any video processing. Play Doom for a while at 640 x 480. Then it will look absolutely great.:)

17th Aug 2007, 03:35
right, thanks for the first answer in a while.

I am pretty much doing it as you. Playing 1024x768 now with all details up to the max though but multisampling only on 1, which sadly takes quite some of the game's polish off.

But its still weird. I am having about 40-70fps everywhere now so one could think, i could take settings even higher. And if I do, everythings still fine till theres is one of these rooms once in a while with some nice pillars, some objects and most importantly, a guard goin for a walk with a torch in his hand in it. And then it drops to 15-20...

I still cant take it that my card is being so smashed by dynamic lighting. Somebody must have done a pretty bad job there, when it comes to ressource efficiency.

But thanks anyway!