View Full Version : USER INTERFACE VGS system for quick non VoIP communication

28th Nov 2013, 01:21
Essentially a text macro that allows for quick communication.

Examples would be

"VWE" Incoming hostiles
"VTW" Wait I'll be in range soon
"VSTC" I'll cover you
"VDM" Cover me

And of course "VGS" SHAZBOT

28th Nov 2013, 01:46
We definitely want to do something like this, or at least a "dialog wheel" type of thing that lets you issue quick in-game dialog notifications to teammates. We don't have the character VO recorded for it yet is the main blocker.

28th Nov 2013, 01:55
HA I seem to be behind the times with a lot of my suggestions

VO would be great, but you'll find that a lot of people will turn it off when the spam get out of control in pubs (which it will). I personally use systems like that as a supplement to VoIP communication as well so having my char speak over the chat isn't great. Highlighted, opaque, team coloured text in the little chat window is all I'm after.

28th Nov 2013, 12:55
Yea I would love this too. It will allow experienced players to help newbies with VGS commands. Things like group up to remind them they need to find their teammates etc... It is very easy to forget to group up in the heat of battle.

Spread out
Group up
Follow me
I need health
Incoming from the air
Stay here, Defend
Good Job
I love you

28th Nov 2013, 13:27
A select group of phrases like above would work a treat! :D "stick together" or something similar would also be good too.

But I take it when the voice chat becomes available that you will be able to choose between only hearing you team or everyone or no one at all? And the same with speaking?

28th Nov 2013, 13:57
The VoIP should probably be team only, with maybe a whisper feature if the devs were feeling fancy. Cross team coms will probably just end up with a lot of abuse and isn't really needed.

The VGS, if it were similar to other games with the system, has team only and public phrases. Most notably taunts and compliments were public.

28th Nov 2013, 21:16
I would definitely vote for the VGS over VoIP. VoIP is usually just plain terrible, whether its the bad microphones background noise or server lag. You usually can't understand anything except for strange grunts.

Secondly a lot of players, and I do mean a lot, have other things going on around them and don't want to necessarily participate in the game to that level. Its very nice to have the VGS system as a bridge between no communication and full on headset mayhem.

I would personally prefer getting VGS over proper VoIP first. If theres time I am certainly not against VoIP but really if people want to talk there are a ton of better systems out there already.