View Full Version : Cool new preview

13th Aug 2007, 11:02
This Aussie based site has a cool preview on Kane and Lynch. Check it out here (http://www.gameplayer.com.au/Home/PREVIEWS/PREVIEWGAME/tabid/1484/Default.aspx?CID=60d71417-6bc9-4e2c-a15f-7f4042332099&v7Pager=1).

13th Aug 2007, 16:12
Nothing really new on the singleplayer part. Multi stays a bit of a mystery, but looks promising.

I kinda expected that you could finish this game in around 8 hours or so, and to be honest, I think that's a good thing. I know IOI best for their few but legendary levels.

I say: better to have short but spectacular levels (and keeping it's spectacularity each time you replay it) than long and boring with few spectacular moments now and then (and always going thru the boring parts to get to the spectacular parts each time you replay it).

I'm buying this, already got my money on the side.