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27th Nov 2013, 20:50
This happened to me few times so far - I was in the lobby, the title music was playing, which was fine. However, when we entered the game, the title music was playing on top of the combat music of the stage.

Also, when I played first time, there were two instances of title music playing on top of each other.
It is not a huge issue atm, just minor annoyance, but would be cool if it was fixed.

Anybody else noticed it?

28th Nov 2013, 09:14
I’ve not had this issue as far as I know – but to tell you the truth as soon as the game starts I kind of zone everything out and don’t really hear any background music – just the weapons fire, growling of Reavers and what the characters say…I will turn the music volume up to full tonight and have a listen and see if it happens :D

28th Nov 2013, 15:30
Raina you indeed told this to me in game. I will place it in the issue list. I cannot confirm this issue cause I play with team speak on and sound is almost off.

Thanks for letting me know.

(Junior mods really wonder how long you been around on square forums and what you relation is with square, yes I want to know everything :-) )

29th Nov 2013, 12:41
Wait there is an option to have “team speak on”? Is this for mics? Please please please tell me how do you do this? I thought there was only text speak at the moment (which is too awkward to use) – or is it you speak through the mic and it converts to text? And you don’t hear anyone speaking IG?…I’ve never heard anyone use a mic – always thought it was either not available yet or people were not using them…

Yeah lol…Raina has been around so long she’s part of the furniture j/k. I joined LoK Official Eidos Forums back in early 2004 – been into LoK since 1997 :D

29th Nov 2013, 21:51
Teamspeak is a program. (teamspeak3)

The talk version on this game has been turned off if I am correct, if not Corey or Eric or George or someone will correct me.

Oké Raina is to addicted, I do not know anything about LOK but Iam (for now) to active on these forums.

4th Dec 2013, 15:40
Hiru - thank you for the info :D was a bit confused.

Raina - I checked out the music last night (sorry forgot for so long to...you have to remind me these things lol) it didn't seem to have any issues in the games I played - I will keep alistening though :D

5th Dec 2013, 21:08
Np Lucin :) I didn´t have it today or yesterday.

We are both LOK fans for over decade, Hirukaru, like Lucin said.