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27th Nov 2013, 18:46
I think the current lobby system should be fixed, it´s the second day and I can still hardly find any games to join for both the new recruit and regular deathmatch (several times it claimed there are no active servers tonight).
And today it just crashed the whole game when trying to search for server, had to ctrl+alt+del.

I think the following things should be considered to be implemented (if they haven´t already):

- there should be a list of servers to choose from (currently it´s hit and miss)
- it should be visible how many players play on each server
- fix the problem when sometimes users can´t join a lobby with a free slot when invited

If this was fixed that would be great, cause currently we wait like 30mins to just to get one full game. If the servers were visible with the amount of players, it would be much easier for people to join I think.

27th Nov 2013, 18:54
I completely agree with you on all of the above :D could it just be an issues due to the limited amount of players...?

27th Nov 2013, 19:17
I couldn't neither join a game nor invite soemone.

27th Nov 2013, 19:35
Most of the time I search I struggle to find anyone and it simply creates a new lobby, which is annoying as I'm sure there are other lobbies with a free space in them. I'm sure that when the games gets lots more players searching wont be an issue, though.

27th Nov 2013, 22:03
Also, could we make it that the players can choose whether they want to join Team 1 or Team 2? I would like to play with my friends but if it scrambles us randomly before the match starts that kinda sucks... :/

27th Nov 2013, 22:11
Also, could we make it that the players can choose whether they want to join Team 1 or Team 2? I would like to play with my friends but if it scrambles us randomly before the match starts that kinda sucks... :/

Use the invite button in your friendlist 95% chance they join in your party.

27th Nov 2013, 22:37
Hm.. but sometimes it won´t let people in through invites...

28th Nov 2013, 00:41
Couple things..

The majority of matchmaking issues are stemming from there just not being enough players playing daily at this stage. We are working with Square on this but inviting new users isn't something we control at Psyonix and requires a lot of different people to sign off on it, so I don't have a timeline for this getting better.

As for server browser / team swapping, it's unfortunately that way for a specific reason so it's not as simple as adding those features. If players can manually select a server to join or swap teams freely within servers, they can easily create multiple accounts (once the game is openly available) or use Friends to "farm" Experience and Gold. In theory with sufficient players online finding a match should be quick and simple, and there's enough people playing that it becomes very difficult to engineer a situation where you can exploit alt accounts for personal gain.

This extends to the team swapping as well. We provide party matchmaking so you can invite friends to a Party before searching and when a match is found, we guarantee you will end up on the same team in the same server. If team swapping is allowed in public matches it again becomes fairly easy to "farm" specific friends or alt accounts for currency or XP. It can also lead to stacked teams where high level players might all flock to one team to then stomp the other team.

That's the rationale at least, though I know it doesn't alleviate the current issues. If it was just a matter of adding a server browser we'd fast track it, but unfortunately it brings with it a lot of potential for exploitation of the game economy.

28th Nov 2013, 14:15
Hmm, I see what you mean, I did not think about the farming issues... Thanks for the input, Corey. However, the issue might still be present whether there is a list of servers or not, couldn´t it? It´s just that the waiting time sometimes is really exceptionally long and being able to see which games are going on and how many players can join might make it much easier for people to join and play...

Oh, ok, party matchmaking sounds better I must say. Is it already possible to do in the closed alpha?

Will there be a possibility to host a local server in the future?

28th Nov 2013, 21:09
I don't think there are that many players right now. Maybe they can share a little on this number, but I suspect we aren't filling more than a handful of lobbies at this point.

So when your waiting your basically waiting for some people to finish a game :(.

Well I certainly hope Square will let you get some more peeps into the alpha.

28th Nov 2013, 21:49
Yeah, that might be causing the issue as well.. I wonder, can you tell us Corey how many people approximately are in the closed Alpha so far? If it´s not a secret :)