View Full Version : USER INTERFACE "Level" number can be very hard to read

26th Nov 2013, 19:57
OK, a small thing I noticed today, but still something you probably want to do something about. When you are in a room waiting for the match to begin you can read the "level" (or how it is called in the game) of every player from a small white number written in the lower part of their Steam image.

The problem is, if someone has an image with a lot of white on its own, the number is virtually impossible to see. I noticed this only today because I actually met a couple of players of whom it was just impossible to read the level.

Adding a small black square as a background for the level number, so that there is always a strong contrast between black and white, would do the trick.

26th Nov 2013, 22:19
Yes, I agree, it´s probably best to move next to the player icon on the left or something.