View Full Version : New Computer, Theif Can't run on it?

4th Aug 2007, 06:56
I have a Sony Vaio Desktop with an ATI 9600 video card, and runs on Windows Vista. It's brand new, I check spyware and run diskchecks on it weekly, so it's fast and smooth. I've had the computer itself for about two months now.

However, when I try loading Thief into this computer, and click on start, it freezes entirely. What could this be? It doesn't even start the game, I have the right DirectX as well, so that isn't an issue either.

5th Aug 2007, 03:48
If you check the Tech files, you should see information on Vista. The game was not made to run on Vista because Vista did not exist.

Go to the Tech forum and search *top right* this forum for VISTA.