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3rd Aug 2007, 15:35
How do I make more level slots. I got the XP version and it has 11 levels/wads.
How do I make more levels, I want 15.
I know it's something to do with pasting the script, but I'm not sure.

4th Aug 2007, 07:28
Copy the section of lines from one

to the next one. Change the lines to fit the new level. When you change the level name, be sure you type over top of an unused level name in english.txt - NEVER add a line or delete a line. Type the name EXACTLY the same in script.txt and english.txt. Same with the legend and object names.

14th Aug 2007, 10:40
I did everything right in the script and engligh.txt.
I created a new wad and tom with the EXACT same name as in the scripts. I overwrote Valley of the Kings in English.txt and it appeared in the menu. BUT when I load it it crashed before starting!!!:mad2:
HELP ME!!! I need more levels for my Tomb Raider 2 Remake!:(

14th Aug 2007, 14:30
If it appeared on the menu you probably got it right, the problem being on the level itself. Do you have a tr4 file named after the new script.txt entry?

14th Aug 2007, 16:51
Yep. The background audio starts for a second or two and the screen goes black. Then an error message throws my back to desktop!

14th Aug 2007, 17:47
Then there's a problem with the TR4 file. Do you have the LARA object in the project you converted? I know it may sound dumb, but it's an often overlooked mistake.

There was a topic about 'random crashes', I think a Search would turn it up.

15th Aug 2007, 08:54
the crash thread is in the FAQ at the top in the stickes
somewhere at the top of the FAQ in the "important links section" look for a link to "Crash Matters"