View Full Version : Xbox 360, Military base thinks it's taken.. It's not.

3rd Aug 2007, 03:48
Near Guerrilla base 20 is a military base (it's right in the middle of the big island at the bottom left of the map, near the 2 race markers) I've taken all the other settlements in the province, and when I get near the base, the Green Exclamation mark is where my guy is supposed to be to start the battle, but he's not there. If I go into the base the green arrows start pointing at the flag. There's my guy, near a tattered government flag, trying to give me a side mission while 4 helicopters and like 25 guys are shooting at us. I reloaded to a point before I had taken any other settlements in the province and it's the same way. What's wrong here?

3rd Aug 2007, 05:00
Nevermind, I fixed it... I ran in guns a blazin', blowing everything out of the sky like, "screw you hippies!"... The guy jumped back to where he was supposed to be and I took it for real this time.