View Full Version : User defined control settings won't save.

2nd Aug 2007, 04:14
I heard a lot of good things about these Lego Star Wars games, so I decided to get the PC version and check it out.

But man, this seems like one crummy port. Real buggy.

My main problem right now is that I can't get the game to save any changes I make to the keyboard control scheme. Any time I exit the game and come back, the settings are back to default. This is extremely annoying.

Is this a known issue? Any way I can fix this?

If I can find the specific config file in the file directory and open it up, I might be able to set the keys in there and then set the file as read-only or something so the game will stop changing the scheme back to default. So that might be one solution, if I can just figure out which file it is.

However, I'm afraid it might be one of these .bin files, and if it is, then I'm s.o.l. because a text-editor doesn't seem to work with them. Argh. Damn ports.

Fat Marty
21st May 2008, 09:47
Hi , i have the same problem with my star wars game. The game controller needs to be reconfigured every time my kids play.It really pisses me cos the kids (and i ) love the game.Did you fix the problem? How? Is there a patcher?
I couldnt find one thru lucasarts.