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25th Nov 2013, 14:23
All-in-all I'm enjoying the game. There are a couple things that stand out to me right now. Namely, when a player or two leaves the game. This happened 2-3 times now, two games being 3v4 and one game being 2v4. While in some games it is do-able for the smaller team, but in this game it doesn't feel like it. Unless there is a huge disparity in skill, the smaller team will be unable to do well, as they just keep dieing. This gets to the point where the game becomes unplayable during that match.

Something that maybe you guys could look into is applying a "leaver bonus" which gives slight buffs to the smaller team to put them back on par with the other team, or some other method to make these instances playable, as it is disappointing to queue and get into a game, that have a member drop, and making it a waste of time due to how little you can do at that point.

25th Nov 2013, 15:22
You're probably already aware of this, but in case you're not - if someone leaves a match, and there are players waiting for a match, they can be dropped into the slot left by the first person. It happened to me on Friday. It's a little disorienting, but it's a lot better than being down by a person for the rest of the match.

25th Nov 2013, 16:11
I too have experienced this on several occasions, though luckily due to better skilled players on the opposite side they have balanced out a bit better.

Blinc – Yes it is a bit disorientating when you only have x amount of time left and/or only get one game – but at least it’s a game :D

I am assuming as they have installed this 'gap filling' that when the game is live as there will be a larger quantity of players then this will fill this void of happening and affecting games playability :D