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27th Jul 2012, 14:18

(I have a feeling there'll be plenty from Final Fantasy VII but...)

For me, it's:

+ Finding the hidden cutscene that showed how Cloud got to Midgar with Zack's help. Zack just stole my heart in that cutscene and I've been a Zack fan since. /tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif (This is back in FF7, LONG before Crisis Core was ever conceived.)

+ Squall finding a dirty magazine that Irvine left behind. GOLDEN MOMENT.

+ Discovering Emerald as soon as I exited the Gelnika (lots of expletives were shouted)
+ Watching Cyan follow after his dead family on the afterlife train. That was a tearjerker.
+ Seeing Ultimecia's final form (disturbed me more than Seifer Sephiroth).

+ The Marlboro laugh in FF8 will forever haunt me.

+ Zidane "bumping" into Garnet's butt. XD I don't think there's any other main character that's nearly as pervy as Zidane.
+ Zidane having a nice moment with Kuja. Haven't seen that kind of interaction with a villain before.
+ Tidus telling his dad he hates him. Struck a chord for me since I hate my dad in about the same way, too.
+ ULTROS!!! *shakes fist*

+ Beating TEIO with a blue Chocobo. /tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-laughing.gif

27th Jul 2012, 15:07
This is kinda embarrassing but how do you make spoiler tags? I would love to be able to post but most of my moment's are spoilers.

27th Jul 2012, 15:19
For future reference, it is (without spaces, by the way):

[ spoiler ](text)[ /spoiler ]

Erm... I have too big of a list to replicate right now. Let me cut it down and get back to you.

27th Jul 2012, 15:31
Thanks Orichalcum+!

+The original boss fight of Final Fantasy. It was so grand and fun!

(+When Cecil and Kain burn down mist, It was just so sick and wrong to me at the time.)

+All fights with Gilgamesh in FFV

(+The original ending of FFXIII when everyone is outside the crystal pillar being reunited for the first time. I was crying through it all)

+The end of the lightning dlc for XIII-2. That was the closer on the story that was needed for me. Again I cryed.

XIII was really an emotional trip for me so it will always be remembered by me.

28th Jul 2012, 01:31
Oh whoa, I know I got a lot of moments to write out, but here are the ones that come to mind right away:


Seeing Hope for the first time. Oh gosh, how he grew &hearts;
Requiem of the Goddess DLC. Just, perfect. Great fights and gave me what I was craving: moar Lightning :3


Sazh's eidolen awakening. My fave eidolen scene of the six, and how it just came to head made it for a gripping scene just in general.
When Hope finally confronts Snow. Omg, the build up to that, and then what happened...Omg! Dx


Tidus reuniting with Auron in Zanarkand. Aside from the slow build up as the gamer getting hold of Auron again, just finding out so much of whats to come, and how genuinely Tidus is overwhelmed really grabbed my attention. I kid you not, I have a FFX save data at this point just for this scene.



When Zidane finds out about who he really is. You guys know what I'm talking about X_x
The ending with the "I want to be your Canary" play, and that big unveil. When I first saw it, I squeed >3>


The end of Disc 1. Yeah X_x


The flashback of what Cloud really was doing. It's a bit sad how much in the background he ends up being, but then he pulls off that one big act. Just, whoa.
The end of Disc 2 between Cloud and Tifa. I know the convo varies depending on the choices you make, but they're my OTP, and it's so rare that I love canon pairings, lol.


There's a little kid that wants vengeance (but I think he says "vendetta", which I thought was a bit dramatic, but dramatic scene, so meh *shrugs*) and I think he asks for Vincent's help, but I guess our hero knows how little good that does, and kind of shakes his head sadly-or just walked away. Forget which.
When you find out that **** Hojo was still (sort of) alive and pulling Weiss' strings the whole time


This scene is in one of the promo trailers, so I don't think it needs spoiler tags...We see Zack hunched over, crying in the church, and Aerith comes up from behind and hugs him tight. Definitely appeased my inner Zack/Aerith fan. Plus the whole sequence from the prior scene to the jump to the future was done rather well, IMO.



Basically anything with Kefka, lol. Absolutely insane and evil just for the sake of it.


When Galuf and Bartz see Faris sleeping and get hot over *him* xD


The ending in regards to Kain. He's my fave character in the game, so I really can't help but sympathize with his decison at the end. Still gotta get through his chappies in The After Years, but from what I understand, things work out for him ^^

Dissidia Duodecim

There's a lot of scenes that I actually love, if only for the fact Dissidia is a cross-over game, so there's a lot of interesting interactions to be on the watch for. Basically to sum up my feelings, it's the amount of understanding find in surprising character combinations. You wouldn't think about it, but wham! S-E offers it up, and you go "oh, I get it" xD

28th Jul 2012, 02:05
The end of the lightning dlc for XIII-2, SOOOOOO TOUCHING. Its got that Happy/sad feel to it. I WILL MISS HER IF THEY MAKE A 13-3. I want them to make one. And people that dont like 13 can go away.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete- The Kadaj(or what ever)/Sepheroth fight. Like One-wing angel song too.

FFIX Zorn and Thorn


Riding my first chocobo.

FF crystal cronicals my life as a king- sending those brave warriors to battle

Dissidia Duodecim- at the end of the first part when they are at the parodox and are going to fight 1000s of puppets or what ever.


28th Jul 2012, 02:31
I don't really think of my things as spoilers but I'll mark the ones that might be considered them anyway

The Grand Prix cutscene in XIII
Ashe asking to be kidnapped in Bhujerba as an homage to Garnet
Kuja's confrontation with Bahamut
Getting Anima and finding out Seymour's backstory
Zidane and Garnet's reunion on her 17th birthday
Tidus fading away (I don't hate Tidus I just love that scene)
Alexander's Summon in IX
All of the esper battles in XII

I just have so many it's hard to narrow them down. By the way I'm new on here so if you guys are all like friends or something and I'm intruding on something that was meant more as a group thing or something feel free to tell me to bugger off.

28th Jul 2012, 15:34

No your cool dude. This is a public thread and is available for everyone to share on!

29th Jul 2012, 23:14
For me it was finding out Cecil was actually a dude... I don't know why I just assumed he was a guy (this was a looong time ago) until he took off his mask or unmuted a movie sceen

Riding a chocobo for the first time =]

30th Jul 2012, 00:14
I can't believe I forgot to mention anything from Final Fantasy Tactics! It was my first FF game I ever played to boot D:

But jeez, that game is really heavy with the drama and angst. As expected from the minds of Ogre Tactics and Vagrant Story X_x

quick note: I played the PS1 version, so I understand a lot of things were changed in the revised PSP version, so sorry for name confusions

The ending. Just, whoa. I'm so dumb too. I didn't realize that Delita and and Ovelia stabbed eachother the first time I saw it. But in a way it was a interesting ending for Delita. We see how he starts off with good intentions but in the end he manipulates everyone for his own gain, and basically became what he hated.

Finding out St.Ajora wasn't some holy saint, and was in fact a host to demon of Lucavi. And then finding out he returned and took over Alma! Dx

When Delita's sister was killed by that SOB Algus. I think he's one of the few characters I've honestly hated because of how terrible they are.

30th Jul 2012, 09:46
(Squall gets hit by Edea's ice attack at the end of disc 1.)
(Kuja survives Mega Flare with only a scratch.)
(Trance Kuja uses Ultima on the party.)
(Tidus kisses Yuna.)
(Tidus disappears at the end.)
(Lightning, Snow, Hope and Sazh turn to crystal.)
(Serah at the end of XIII-2.)
(Galuf's death.)
(Cecil turns into a Paladin.)
(Kefka becomes the God of Magic.)
And every moment Cloud uses Omnislash.

23rd Sep 2013, 14:48
Hello. What is your favorite moments in the Final Fantasy series? I got lot so I'll list it here. These are the Final Fantasy games that I played. WARNING: May contains spoilers!

Final Fantasy 7:
Going up the stairs in the Shinra building - these stairs seem endless and the conversion about them is funny.
Chocobo/Moogle summon - they are so cute and funny. Also I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that huge chocobo, flattering my enemies like that.
Red xiii/Nanaki disguise as a Shinra guard - so cute and funny when I saw him trying to walk on two legs. And nobody notice anything weird about him.
Fight with Pamela - want to knock him out as he kept insulting me. I wanted the plane to knock him out but he dodges it and ran off. Then a truck drove right into him and sent him flying. I didn't expect that to happen. And that the reason why we should always look both ways before crossing the road.
Cait Sith telling fortune - is Cloud's favorite colour blue?
Cid being pick as the new leader - funny how they pick him because he was asleep at the time.
Tifa helping Cloud's memories - love how she help him get his memories back. I never knew that he never made soldier and that he was the one to defeated Sephiroth.
Beating the battle arena - so much fun and challenging to beat all the enemies.
Rising chocobos - I was able to get a gold chocobo on my first try. How lucky!
The final final boss - first time using Cloud's level 4 limit break. I didn't know what to do at first and was worry that I might lose. That when we realize that the limit gauge was filling up. Awesome attacks, Sephiroth didn't know what was coming.

Final Fantasy 8:
Laguna - he is so funny. I love how he get leg cramps. And the part where they were shooting a film and they found out that the dragon is real. Everybody ran off leaving Laguna to fight off the dragon.
Squall dancing with Rinoa - watching them dance and accidentally bump into other people.
GF Brothers - I love how the younger brother lost to his older brother in rock, paper, scissors. His reaction is so funny and he was crying when he was thrown into the sky.
Raijin poisons his team by accident - never eat fish that he caught. I also love the bit where the dog chases Raijin.

Final Fantasy 9:
Steiner - he did an excellent impression of George of the Jungle when he crashed into the building. I laughed so hard when I saw that. Then there the bit where he ran around like crazy because he hate oglops. And the bit where he got stage fright. And when we battle him we tried to warn him about the bomb behind him but he wouldn't listen as he thought that they were trying to trick him. When he do look behind it was too late as the bomb is about to explode.
Vivi - he is so cute and is a powerful mage. Felt sorry for him when the ticket he was given was fake.
Hiding in the barrel - there were two outcome and they both were funny. Steiner get flatter by barrel or Zidane get poke by Steiner's sword.
Chocobo hot and cold - very fun.
Zidane and Garnet pretend to marry - Zidane try to kiss Garnet but it fail as Garnet walk off.
Everybody helping Zidane - when Zidane learnt the truth about himself, he tried to do thing by himself. But his friends prove that he is not alone.
Love letter - Eiko's love letter where it get to the wrong people.
Zidane helping Kuja - it was awesome when Zidane went back in to help his brother Kuja. Now if only he could stick the landing. So funny when he did that.

Final Fantasy 10:
Barthello shaking hand with Auron - love how he said that he never going to wash his hand again and Dona replied that she'll remove them if he touch her.
Blitzball - fun game. I love Tidus's Jecht Shot. I used it all the time to score goals.

Final Fantasy 10-2:
Incident with Barthello and Dona - they ended up on different sides. Who knew Barthello has a big voice that can crack a sphere. And Dona want to apology to Barthello but couldn't think of the right words.
Hot spring - does anyone know what code pink is? Brother made that up so he can have a reason to get down there.
Monkeys in Zanarkand - I love this mini game where you have to matchmaking each monkeys.

Final Fantasy 12:
One word. Gilgamesh - he made such an awesome intro, too bad he didn't stick the landing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that. I laughed so hard. The battle was awesome and... doesn't those swords look familiar? And at the end was so funny.

Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings:
Gilgamesh never get lost - I think he is lost, is just that he doesn't want to admit it.

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
Cloud's new weapons - those swords are amazing! He can separate them and put it together.
Everyone is back - seeing all the main characters back is so cool.
Reno and Rude - those two are so funny in this movie. Reno got lock out (all Cloud has to do is close the door and lock it), and the bit where they both run into battle only for Reno to stop and hit Rude in the nose by accident. Rude want to hit Reno for that but when he saw why Reno stop, they ran off, Rude had to dodge Reno's stick. Did one of those children put his fingers in Reno's nose? When they battle those remnants, I laughed when the billboard drop on Rude's head. I laughed really hard when Reno fall on top of Rude. Poor Rude, his sunglasses got step on by Reno. Reno and Rude did a good job climbing up that wall... not.
Loz not crying - I wouldn't have guess that he's a crybaby. I love how he called the Turk meanies when they insulted their mother.
Battles - it was awesome! The final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth was intense. Too bad I don't got the complete version, I found out that the final battle in that version is way more intense.

Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus:
Reeve falling apart literally - I was so sad when he got shot down only to find out that it was Cait Sith in a Reeve costume. Laughed so hard when I saw a cross eyes Reeve.
Control Cait Sith - only for a short time but it was cute controlling him.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core:
Zack - he is so funny. I love how he made that face when they said that he should tell Sephiroth that they spoiled him. I also love the scenes from the DMW, and I enjoyed beating the monsters in his swimwear and using a parasol.
Genesis trip Zack up - I didn't see that coming. Zack should have watch his step.
Zack and Aerith - those two are a perfect couple. They are so cute together. I love how Zack build flower wagons for her, especially the machine looking wagon.
Sephiroth, have you lost weight? - Angeal, what kind of question is that? I laughed so hard when I saw that. I wouldn't expect anyone to ask Sephiroth that.
Phone calls - it's so cute when Zack is talking to Aerith on the phone. Very funny when Zack screamed down the phone at Sephiroth. Sephiroth had to pull his phone away from his ear.
Friendship - I love the friendship between Zack and Cloud. I love how they first met. Cloud is so cute!
Motion sickness - I felt sorry for Cloud when I saw him getting sick.
Nibelheim incident - detail version of the incident in the reactor. Wow! So that what happened. Cloud is still strong enough to use the Buster Sword and throw Sephiroth into the reactor while having Sephiroth's sword stab into him. How did he not get into Soldier?
Chocobo mode - I laughed when I saw Zack digging into Magic Pot and when the Tonberry trips over. Cait Sith, moogle and chocobo are so cute.

Final Fantasy 13:
Chocobo chick - she is so cute!
Run around cactuar - I love how the cactuar first run around Sazh and Sazh tried to catch him only for cactuar to run away. When he came back, Sazh's reaction was so funny.

Final Fantasy 4 collection:
Wake up - when I found Yang recovering from what happened I didn't know what to do. Thank to the internet I know what to do. Who knew that you can wake him up by hitting him with his wife's pan. Very funny when I had to wake Yang and his daughter up. Edge couldn't hit her so he asked Rydia to do it.
Surprise! - when half the party members sacrifice themselves to help Cecil, I was so sad. But then they came back to help them (except for Tellah).

I love the music in all the games even though I get very sad when I listen to Final Fantasy 13 (because the sequel 13-2 story made me sad. I hate it as it ruin the ending to 13 and it also have a horrible ending. I can never listen to 13 music without getting sad because of this). I also love the optional bosses in all games (except for 13 as I never got the best weapons).

Hero vs villain - I love the battles. It was so cool.
Interaction between them - I Love how each Heroes and Villains interact with each others.
More leg cramps - Laguna is still funny in this.
Cloud and Tifa - I love how Cloud is willing to do anything to help save Tifa. Even if he have to face Chaos alone (Yike!). The Japanese version sound so romantic when Cloud beg for Cosmo to bring the end to the war to save his special friend.
Tidus and Yuna - I was about to cry when I saw this but then that stupid Emperor from Final Fantasy 2 came in and ruin it. I want to knock him out!
Gilgamesh - so funny in this. He was daydreaming about his meeting with Bartz and he ended up meeting with Squall, Zidane and Vaan. His Ex Burst is very funny when you fail to pick the right one.

What are your favorite moments in the series?