View Full Version : Deadly Shadows not running well

31st Jul 2007, 19:41
played this game on my previous gfx card with no problem, but after installing a new one, I get the following problems:

Opening Movies - are invisible, I see black screen

MENUS - when I access different options, the menus from the previous screen stay in the background. As I scroll or access more options, the screen gets cluttered to the point of being unreadable.

GRAPHICS - are very slow and choppy no matter what settings I choose. Some textures on the models are missing.

Gfx card: GeForce 7300 GT, latest drivers installed.
System: XP Service Pack2

If you need any more details, ask me.

5th Aug 2007, 20:50
I have never heard of quite such a mess with TDS. Without much to go on, it sounds like it could be a bad graphics card or a bad driver. Try clicking on the "check graphics card" in the installation disk window. I am not sure what that program does, but maybe it will tell you something (probably not). Also, I suggest reverting to one of the oldest drivers that will recognize your graphics card and trying that.

Next time you post, please describe your system specs including driver versions and tell us if you have any other problems with your system. Do other games play OK? What about Thief 2, if you have that?