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24th Nov 2013, 15:59
Being a huge FF fan, among other Square games, I am absolutely thrilled that square is going to be taking over the production of NASCAR games! I swear there hasn't been a good NASCAR sim since PAPYRUS and/or SIERRA was making them. I sincerely hope that they are able to do it right. It is nice to see square trying to advance into another market. As someone who loves NASCAR, (yes i know i am a strange sort of redneck) there has been a serious lack of quality NASCAR games for some time!

BTW, EA is an absolute JOKE when it comes to putting out a quality product. Square should try and get NCAA rights because EA gave that up long ago and every NCAA game i bought from EA was so horribly flawed and unplayable it completely turned me off to any and all products from that company (although i did enjoy curt schilling's action RPG quite a bit.) Recruiting in NCAA games was a ton of fun and I played those games almost exclusively for the recruiting aspect.
Bury EA, SQUARE, you can do it! Take over the sports gaming market!! (obviously don't let it take away from your other quality products, but EA stinks!)