View Full Version : Failed to initialize DirectX

30th Jul 2007, 15:08
Hi, thought i'd add to the long list of unhappy customers. hahaha.
well not me personally. My uncle bought the game for his kid and im stuck fixing it for him (dont ask!).
I've read through all the troubleshoot forums and posts which have helped get my over some problems but another one seems to always take its place. why!!!
anyway, my PC specs are the recommended or above so it should work in theory. Im got a ASUS ATI Radeon 9200 video card - which is a recommended one as it says on the box.
first it wouldnt recognise. downloaded the missing XINPUT1_2.dll file then now it says "Failed to initialize DirectX". Abit strange considering the Lego program specifically states it comes with the required DirectX 9.0c
Checked dxdiag and it says im still on 9.0b - tried updating it everywhich way but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions that would be appreciated. Thanks! and hopefully i'll be able to get it going soon. d riving me nuts!
I might also try it on another PC which has ASUS ATI Radeon X550 video card. Would this work as well?