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29th Jul 2007, 08:12
While playing our newly-installed TRA on our PC laptop, it keeps going into slo mo and then speeding up again. Its VERY VERY ANNOYING!!! (most of all because my husband is getting so cross with it!). Is this some game/computer setting or just our computer (or just the game)? Does anyone else's version do this? Is it just part of the play? I'm new to PCs (usually use a Mac) so is it just some setting I don't know about? HELP PLEASE:nut:

29th Jul 2007, 08:26
Have you checked that your Laptop is PC Game compatible? mine isnt, but i use a PS2 :P

29th Jul 2007, 08:27
Good thought .... I'll get the kids to check (they know about these things)!!

29th Jul 2007, 09:15
Took off "Full Screen Effects" and it seems much better. Also, I now have the instructions for doing another install (from the Eidos support site) so will try reinstalling and see if that helps ....:)

rabid metro
29th Jul 2007, 10:45
... hmmm ... there are times during the game when it will go slo-mo (i.e. during animal fights).
and then there are the tutorial moments when the game seems to freeze altogether.
you probably didn't mean these things, sooo ...

more/better details, please, and we can probably help you better ...

pssst, fellow maccie. humor the PC users ... they've got the game, we got squat ...

Dark Era
29th Jul 2007, 14:59
Laptops aren't made to run the games of today. It works fine for the classic TR-games 1 to 6 but not for Anniversary or Legend.:)

A MAC-laptop or a Windows-laptop doesn't make any difference.

rabid metro
30th Jul 2007, 07:30
Laptops aren't made to run the games of today. It works fine for the classic TR-games 1 to 6 but not for Anniversary or Legend.

just doesn't sound right to me ...
in many cases, todays laptops offer performance indistinguishable from desktops ...

A MAC-laptop or a Windows-laptop doesn't make any difference.

... nor was it ever the issue ... :cool:

30th Jul 2007, 10:55
todays laptops offer performance indistinguishable from desktops

Well, that depends on the desktop. Very few laptops can really match a desktop for games performance. High end graphics cards generate so much heat that it's impossible to cram sufficient cooling kit into a laptop. As a result, the graphics chips in laptops are usually the 'cut-down' versions of the chips with pipelines disabled and clock speeds lowered. Also, the memory available to the graphics chip may actually be part of the system memory and so may be much slower than the dedicated GDDR that you get on desktop graphics cards.

These factors combined can result in a graphics system that is substantially slower than the spec. would suggest. Just because it says Geforce 7600 doesn't mean you're getting a full spec 7600 GT OC.

Also, the hard disks in laptops are often slower than those in desktops to reduce power consumption. Many will spin at 5400rpm instead of 7200rpm. So it can take 30% longer to retrieve data from the disk such as textures and map data.

The latest games use cutting edge graphics and the symptoms described sound very much like the system is not quite up to the job. You have already noticed that turning off graphics features speeds it up. That should tell you what you need to know.

One thing you could try is to install the latest drivers for the graphics chip (if you haven't already done so). If your laptop came with the operating system already installed (as it probably did), it will probably still be running the basic drivers Microsoft included with the O.S.. When I first ran T.R. Legend on Vista, it was unplayable with the Next Generation graphics enabled. However, after a couple of updates to the drivers, it runs a treat at 1280 x 1024 with everything maxed out. The developers at nVidia and ATI are very good at wringing extra power out of existing hardware by optimising driver code. Also, the extended control panel that comes with the drivers will allow you to tweak things to get a good trade off of performance against quality.