View Full Version : Ps2 loading stalls

27th Jul 2007, 22:06
Got throught Peru, saved and left for a few hours. Just tried loading up St Francis Folly (next lvl on my current save), and it stalls at like 1/8 of the bar. Anyone else having this problem? Or should I contact Dell for replacement?

P.S. I reloaded the other levels I've played and they all load just fine.

28th Jul 2007, 22:05
So yeah i have the same problem with my PS2 version of the game! Ive been looking all over for a way to figure this out but i cant seem to find one...i mean i even tried cleaning the disk a million times, even with toothpaste!
so anyone anybody please help !!!

28th Jul 2007, 22:50
your CD may be scratched. even the littlest line can cause glitches such as these..
so about the toothpaste cleaning, well asfter a couple trys it really works!!!

i know it sounds weird and harmful lol but it works wonders...on all types of cd's actually. just rub the shiny laser part of the cd with toothpaste using a cotton ball. then wash the cd off with water and rub with a soft cloth to dry. if it still is freezing just reapeat this step until it doesnt. trust me it works cuz i can play my game now which = happiness :D

hope I helped! have fun.[/FONT]