View Full Version : An idea for the map dynamic and match ending.

23rd Nov 2013, 16:48
The match will have a timer.As the time passes, the surronding will change.The sky and ground will be more SR-like , you will hear sound of earthquakes (maybe some camera shakes too) and other elements simillar to the SR world.Near the last minute of the match, the world will look a lot like the SR world( or exactly like it).You will hear the sound of earthquakes more often.Around the last 10 or 5 seconds the earthquake sound will be more deep and continous and it will have violent camera shakes.If the vampires win,they will be shown getting the human team cornered and then Kain teleports out of nowhere and he will telekinetically suck their blood.If the humans win, they will be shown cornering the vampire team near the edge of the Lake of the Dead.Raziel will appear and he will suck the vampires' souls.

HF and feel free to express your opinion about my idea :D

24th Nov 2013, 03:31
I don't think it's workable. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to change the environment like that in a live PvP match. Even if they could it wouldn't make sense for the area to change into the Nosgoth of what is centuries later. Not to mention that the suggested 'camera shakes' would be detrimental to the gaming experience. You can't play a game if you can't see what you're doing.

Also while I like the idea of some form of short victory animation for the winning team your ideas go against the story already set by the previous games. Kain & Raziel won't be showing up in Nosgoth any time soon.

25th Nov 2013, 01:20
Animated scenario will lag up the non-gaming pcs, videos for winning will go boring after some matches, Kain and Raz won't appear at all (live with it).
Just that.

27th Nov 2013, 20:31
about winning cutscene: it can be short, scoreboard can be placed on top of it and the finishing move part might be changing depending on characters: like, far cry 3 MP had finishing moves, so it was alwasy entertaining to stay and play to the end just to see top players making a dance of friendship =D OK, no dance of friendship for Noshgoth, just a few moves, like take the losing side as captives, execute one of them, hunt down the whole team, the 'last stand' thing with losing team getting tragically decimated, finishers with different classes/skills/weapons.
as for the map changing... how about one team having a tactical advantage over the other team the first part of the round and then SUDDENLY Elder God or Moebius or dimension guardian teleports everybody into similar, but reversed arena, where now the first team is in a disadvantageous position. or, maybe, a mode with objectives, where completing certain objectives will result in a slight arena changes. or just bind it to the teams' kill count and change the arena to give a losing team a bit of advantage if it's too far behind. the thing about this game is that everything can just be changed instantly considering what kind of stuff an elder god and guardians can do =D
oh and about 'animated scenario'/'video' thing: if somebody's PC can't handle a bit of scripted cutscenes, the whole game will probably not be playable, and there's no need to make a cinematic high-quality video when everything's already in the game(well, there will be just some extra animations, and they shouldn't be loading too long anyway).