View Full Version : Eidos, A Veteran Gamers POV.

24th Jul 2007, 10:43
Some of you will agree with me, some of you wont, lets keep this mature shall we?

I have been playing games for about 16 out of my 21 years of life, my father did it before me and got me into them at a very young age, i have seen it all.

That being said..
Eidos, This is the age of Online Gaming in case you haven't noticed, and me and my family and many friends have to all agree that even tho you are including a Multiplayer deathmatch type of elements, with what you are adding for co-op being on same console is a very big mistake.

With many solid singleplayer games a rarity now a days, to pass up an opportunity to play a great game such as your Kane and Lynch online with my friends is just a damn shame!

Me and my brother have discussions like these it seems every other week, why doesn't xxxx game have this type of online, that would be incredible!

In my opinion Eidos, in this day and age, in order to be successful and get your franchise to a wider audience you cant limit your games in this way, many people i know had great interest with Kane and Lynch but as soon as they heard the Online Co-op was being scratch they have lost all interest in your game.

Dead Rising is a good example, Great game, story and all that, but just about the #1 complaint was "why is there no co-op?", so many i know did not even consider this game because of the no Online co-op element, and me as a vet gamer, think that is just a damn shame.

Make no mistake, i will be buying your game because i love your games in general, but i think in your best interest, you really should make the co-op in this game optional for online play, i guarantee your game with go up in sales by the thousands.

Ill end it on this, I had one of my funnest experiences on this "next gen" generation playing Co-op Gears of War and i would hate to miss an opportunity to have another one with Kane and Lynch.

The Hessian Horseman
25th Jul 2007, 03:59
EXACTLY! I totally agree with you, Sandman Dan!

And though your speech actually leaves no word unspoken, I'll add a few lines ... ;)

Because, even more than what's been said. The co-op mode would kinda "immortalize" Kane & Lynch. It would be just one of these "evergreen-party-games", without actually being a party game (Maybe someone might wanna recall Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64?).
But it's just like Sandman Dan said: cutting that co-op mode is just a big giveaway of promising fun potential and motivation.

So, before I bring forward any more arguments, I'll just patiently wait for a reply, because elsewhere I heard, a co-op mode for PC was nearly impossible to convert ... that however would be the only reasonable contra on that point, that I can even imagine ...