View Full Version : FPS Vista problem

24th Jul 2007, 05:44
HP a6110n
AMD Athalon X2 Dual Core Processor
Vista Home Premium
2GB DDR2 Memory
320Gb Hard drive
nVidia 6150

A few days ago i got the hitman collection off of Steam. 47 and SA work brilliantly. At the Start menu in Blood money, the arrow skips around, and the blinking words go very slowly. When i start the game, he goes where i command, but with a 1-2 second delay, and, once again, only going at 3-4frames per second.

I and a friend have tried turning all of the graphics settings all the way down, reinstalling, setting to NT compatibility mode, toying around in nHancer, and trying several other possible solutions.

Any help would be much appreciated.