View Full Version : Rotating slide arrow commands!

27th Jul 2012, 13:46
My first reaction to them so far is... I hate them. Especially whan they happen to come right after another, and they're even mixed in with the regular ones! Gives new meaning to "Chaos Shrine" at no.90 and up.

Not that challenge is a bad thing... just threw me off my game when I was doing so good up 'til now!

27th Jul 2012, 14:16
They definitely caught me by surprise, but i have figured out to just do the opposite of what i initially see. it did take me a few runs to really get it down, I just hope that they don't disappear after dark note 50 or something crazy like that.

2nd Aug 2012, 09:27
I haven't seen anything like these yet. Can you describe what they look like?