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22nd Nov 2013, 04:35
Personally as a Soul Reaver fan I love that the vampire classes are all different clans from that game. I'd like to see the other clans in this game as well if possible... Zephonim, Rahabim, or Melchiahim.

Zephonim is probably the one I want the most. Seeing as one of the key differences between vampires and humans is the fact that vampires can climb the environment, Spider-Vampires would be perfect! I don't remember for sure, but didn't they shoot web at you in SR? If not I think that would be a good idea to slow down humans from running away. Also I think it would be cool if they navigated the environment differently... like sideways on walls or hanging from the ceiling. (Kind of like the baby-tentacle things from Dead Space 2. Yeah... I don't know what else to call them.) Seeing as Sentinels are a hit for their very unique gameplay I think this idea would also be fun and well-received.

Comparatively I don't have as many ideas for Melchiahim and Rahabim. Melchiahim were like... zombie/rotting vampires if I remember correctly. That could be interesting, but mainly I remember they would burrow underground and jump out at you. THAT could be fun attack in Nosgoth if done right. Rahabim seems to me like the most difficult to add. They were these snake-like fish vampires that would shoot water at you. I... got nothing. There isn't really any water in the game so far so swimming vampires doesn't really seem viable. So Squirtle Vampires while amusing I'm not sure would work. (But they could look cool at least)

Anyway just thought I'd dump my ideas here. If anyone else has ideas as well feel free to share!

22nd Nov 2013, 06:39
New classes are in the priority list, I think I read psyonix post about it in other thread.

As for the idea of vampire on ceiling, I love it, would be a interesting way to get at those camping humans thru the ceiling holes and sneak up while they're busy fighting tyrant for example. I hope the new vampire will be interesting, so far I'm liking the human classes more.

22nd Nov 2013, 16:06
Yeah completely agree with you I'd really like to see the Zephonim next - spiderman spiderman does whatever a... stopping that now. I think the ceiling climbing thing would be awesome and web shooting - kind of like goo in that humans would be slowed down/stuck for a cool awesome attack.

Melchiahim agree - that'd be pretty hard - apart from the under ground poppy outty thing - or maybe possessing the corpses/wearing the skins of humans as a disguise they pretty much don't have anything going for them - so would be interesting to see what the devs come up with.

Rahabim - they need puddles lol - just kidding I can't think of anything else apart from the water goo attack you mentioned - they must have been skilled at something else rather than swimming - maybe holding their breath?! - ok I got nothing.

I'm really interested in seeing what they do with the humans too - the ones they've done so far are great - so could be good to get some more too. :D

21st Dec 2013, 01:15
For the humans I miss the one sword wielding melee fighter we all know from soul reaver games. I know, the human faction is supposed to be ranged fighters only in nosgoth, but a close combat fighter would be nice with a sword or halberd for melee and some throwing spears for close range combat.

25th Dec 2013, 01:20
I'd thought of this as well and oddly one of the thoughts I'd come up with, at least for a 'pairing' that could be added was a more heavily armored human that had a sort of melee aspect. It could having something ranged, something akin to a hand cross bow but a melee weapon as a secondary ability. Sort of like the Sarafan warriors in the LoK: Defiance. Maybe even a sort of shield mechanic, not sure how that would work. Basicly something that would make anything short of a Tyrant go...hmm, maybe I'll go elsewhere....at least in an aesthetic way. Would be interesting to see these 'warriors' be able to block (Or mitigate) a reaver pounce, sentinel snatch or tyrant charge and ...BAM, sword too the face.

For Melchiah's clan I could almost see them as a sort of Human-esque fighter. They would likely still climb walls and being the 'weakest' of the clans would rely on more mundane means to hunt down humans. Might actually use a melee weapon of their own, instead of their claws and or other gadgets. Perhaps instead of a bulk regen after a few seconds, maybe its a slower but constant regen, just to provide a bit of a different more 'conservative' play style.

Zephon is an interesting one, could almost make him a sort of 'Mid-ranged' vamp, climbing easier along walls and being about to snatch and yank at humans. There are usually only 'Push, Pull, Move, Stop' when it comes to attack movement shenanigans. Tyrants and sents 'Push' and or 'Move' through charging and snatching/flap. Reavers and scouts 'Stop' people through pouncing and daggers. Though no one really 'pulls' anyone. Say through use of a harpoon or even a ...web? :)

Rahab...yeah, got nothing. He was just immune to water and not much else. I'll have to give him some thought and research, perhaps him and a fith human class could be a sort of 'support-ish' role. Or just gets left out all together.

27th Dec 2013, 02:24
Thinking about how all the other vampires are... Melchiah's clan could have an interesting survive/escape ability. Like... since we know they would be "rotting" in some way, maybe they could discard limbs and regenerate them? Or... since their flesh is all... strange maybe a rapid regeneration? That could be a bit overpowered so maaaybe it could be combined with regenerating damage when taking it but focus fire could take it down. Or... a strong regen ability but they have to hobble away like they did in Soul Reaver?

I think its safe to say most of the community would want them to have a burrow ability. I think that would be a fine addition to the vampire team when they have a flier. The humans would have to look to the sky AND the ground... sounds nerve-racking!

29th Dec 2013, 22:52
If I was to make up something for each clan they haven't covered yet, I'd do it like this;


I imagine them to play sort of like a Stealth class, with lots of escape utilities and tricks up their sleeve to evade attacks and to give them tricky map navigation. Something to keep the Humans guessing. Their HP would be lower than average and they would rely on getting into fights later than most other Vampire classes, popping up out of nowhere to create a panic and to essentially "Clean up" in fights, before disappearing into thin air.

Main skill: Burial: Becomes a manoeuvrable decoy with low HP that cannot attack for a short period, if the decoy is "killed" during this time, it falls to pieces and the real Melchiahim disappears underground and re-emerges after 6 seconds. While underground the Melchiahim is immune to damage, but moves slower and cannot attack (Obviously). Can be cancelled, causing the player to pop out the ground prematurely. If you choose to hit a human, this attack does more damage depending on how long you've stayed underground. Purchasable alternatives: 1: Dives straight underground without decoy, moves at normal speed and does reduced damage. 2: Decoy has more HP and explodes, releasing a toxic smog when killed by a human. Re-emerging does no damage at all.

Secondary skill: Defile: The Melchiahim falls apart and reappears at the closest human or vampire corpse in range, with a short 2-3 second animation of the Melchiahim standing up in his new "Flesh suit" and tearing off parts of it (A lá LoK: Defiance), during this animation, the Melchiahim gains a small amount of HP, equal to 60% of the feed amount and takes reduced damage.

Tertiary skill: Rotting Flesh: The Melchiahim becomes shrouded in a noxious, sulphurous fog that deals damage to any nearby human foes. After 3 seconds of prolonged exposure to the gas, Humans in range will become poisoned and take damage over time.


Zephonim, as I'd imagine, are the Vampire's very own masters of Crowd Control and single target assassination. With average health, quick movement speed and less than average damage, they'd act as "Vampire Cowboys", lassoing opponents and giving other classes the opportunity to pick up easier kills. A Zephonim's load out and combat capability would make him more reliant on having your team around to back you up, because you aren't going to make much of an impact by yourself, unless you happen across a stray Human. Can climb upside down, as well as going up walls.

Main Skill: Rappel: Fires a sticky thread of webbing that can either propel you across the map and up buildings, or can be launched at an enemy, ensnaring them and rendering them defenceless and immobile for a couple of seconds. Using the thread to climb walls or propel yourself across the terrain will decrease the cool down upon use by half. If used while hanging from a ceiling, the Zephonim will pull the target up to him and cause considerable damage. Purchasable alternatives: 1. Fires an armour melting, acidic thread that damages foes over time and causes them to momentarily receive more damage, but no longer immobilizes target. 2. Fires multiple webs in a cone that can immobilize multiple foes at once, but the immobilize duration is significantly less.

Secondary skill: Screech: The Zephonim screams loudly, stunning all foes in a cone in front of him for a short duration. If the screech hits, the Zephonim gains increased movement speed for 4 seconds and Rappel's cool down is reduced by 50% of it's current duration.

Tertiary skill: Cocoon Bomb: The Zephonim launches a cocoon that can act in different ways. If it is launched at the floor, it will become a sticky patch of thread that will slow the movement speed of any enemy that walks onto it. If it is launched at a wall or ceiling, it becomes a proximity bomb, that will explode when an enemy moves close to it, dropping a sticky patch of thread onto the ground below. If the thread patch drops onto the Human's head directly, they will be rooted to the floor for 3 seconds.

Can't think up much right now for the Rahabim. My only thought is that, should they appear in the game, they would have to appear pre-evolution. As a sort of fish-man. Even then, I don't know what skills they could have that would set them apart from the rest. Unless they decided to have maps with water in them.