View Full Version : FRAPS aaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

22nd Jul 2007, 16:34
Please can someone help! This was supposed to be a fun project (boo hoo).:mad2:

I downloaded FRAPS captured the TR screenshots:thumbsup:

I have - pinnacle studio, windows movie maker, windows media player, Win
AVIVideo converter - nothing NOTHING! will play or recognise the file.:confused: Therefore i can't even convert it to compress it to make it smaller - which according to the net is the main problem (FRAPS file being big and needing compression.)

Would love some advice:D

22nd Jul 2007, 16:50
PS - Video dub can't open it either!!!!!!!!!!!

22nd Jul 2007, 17:15
Don't use Movie Maker - it's evil and is sooo tetchy.

Download either VirtualDub or TMPGEnc (the first is free, the second has minor restrictions as a trial version) - I've never had a problem using Fraps videos in either of those.

Installing Fraps should have provided you with the codec needed to re-encode Fraps video into any other AVI/MPEG. I don't know why MM won't open them because it should. At a pinch, I suppose you could also download the K-Lite Codec Pack - it's a great bundle of codecs for AVIs and MPEGs that will allow your existing software to recognise a HELL OF A LOT MORE files.

Anyway, everything I mentioned above can be found in or around this site (http://doom9.net).

23rd Jul 2007, 09:18
Finally worked it out!:thumbsup: Clips now play in any player I like - it was the FRAPS settings that I was using that were wrong (duh!) Now gone from FRAPS aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh to FRAPS aaahhh - loving this program - will even register it I think.