View Full Version : missing savegames

20th Jul 2007, 19:37
I have read the sticky on how to solve the problem when your savegames disappear and you cannot load them anymore. The sticky is not very precise on what to copy and what not. When I only copied my savegame files but not the autosave and profile it worked but all my rewards were gone. This is very annoying.

There is a more easy way to get your savegames back. It requires a manual saved game, so if you never saved manually you have to start an completely new game. There is no need to copy files. Just do the following:

1. Start a new game with the same difficulty and autograb settings. You have to use the same profile where you lost your savegames.

2. Skip the cutscenes (or watch them if you want) and when you are in the game go to the game menu and load your last savegame which should be available again.

Your profile should then be repaired with all savegames and rewards available again.