View Full Version : Setup.exe is not a valid Win32 error

19th Jul 2007, 18:18
I've seen this posted about in a couple of websites, but no real answer has come up, so this is my last ditch effort. I am running on vista enterprise, and everything is up to date. I have already tried renaming the installshield folder to no avail. I have also extracted all the info from the cd, and tried running it from my computer, same thing happens. So, I was wondering, if anyone had any ideas, or could i get a setup.exe that actually worked? Anything at this point would be very useful.

23rd May 2008, 18:32
did you ever get this fixed, i'm having the same issue with Just Cause

26th May 2008, 09:30
Sometimes these errors occur because your disk is damaged or corrupted if not then just dirty
you can try cleaning it and try again.

try the following, got it from another forum

COPY paste the data into a NEW folder on ur desktop(anyname), than click setup in the folder. If that doesnt work...than delete the directx folder in ur new folder u just made but dont delete anything else just the directx. happened to me...found out the hard way...EA tech support sorta gave me the idea...but they take 1 week to answer. DOnt try autosetup itll never work....these probelsm get solved manually.. if that doesnt work... than try deleting the components in the directx folder and than click the setup icon agian. But leave the folder there even though its empty.

But first try to clean the disk and then try again