View Full Version : can't install deadly shadows on vista

19th Jul 2007, 12:25
Hi everybody hope i get some sympathy posts at least :P

it gives me


after i hit setup and


after the ok.

wtf? has anyone else experienced this?

btw i've ran some searches inthis forum and another and it doesn't seem to have occured to anyone else.....

help plz!!!!!

19th Jul 2007, 23:37

Read this collection, and try some of the "fixes". You don't list your system specs.

It could be your CD/DVD player, your CPU or some other part of your system not Vista itself.

And do list your system specs, including Operating system when you ask questions like this in the future.

TDS was not made for Vista. So few have tried to install on that application. I'm not surprised you found no exact match.

Also check out www.TTLG.com. You might find some info there.

20th Jul 2007, 16:58
I did some quick checking at TTLG and found that others had installed TDS on Vista and run it with no problems. So it is not a generic Vista problem. Something specific to your system, I guess. I agree with theBlackman's assessment. It could be anything. Post your system stats. I suggest searching thoroughly here and at TTLG / Thief General. Someone may have had that glitch, but I did not see mention of it.

I sympathize with anyone who has to suffer through Vista.:( I think I will be running XP and DX-9 forever, at least on my Thief computer.

16th Aug 2007, 07:19
How much RAM do you have? Vista needs a minimum of 521 I think. It is a big hog for ram.

16th Aug 2007, 12:30
No 512mb won't cut it.. Vista need a minimum of 1gb ram. But even with 1gb it tends to run slowly. So for your own sake, get 2gb-3gb ram.