View Full Version : Released: Hammerite Mission Development Kit (Jul 18 07)

18th Jul 2007, 18:56
Well, it's finally done! Now I can get back to working on missions and writing tutorials. I also have a "real" mission in the works which will use it, and should be in beta testing within a couple of weeks, if not sooner, thanks to someone generously allowing me to use one of their missions as a base (not saying who yet, I want people to guess when I post screenshots).

Thanks to the testers and contributors who made it possible! Special thanks to Sliptip who found a nasty problem with the gamesys at the last minute, which is why this is a few days late being released. (Actually, I planned to be done with this in May, sheesh.)

Extra special thanks to Rob Hicks, who had already done some of the grueling work for me (schemas in particular) for DEDx.

Hammerite Mission Development Kit, v1.0 (http://www.wearytaffer.com/storage/hmdk/HMDK_v10.zip) (41.1 MB)


Tons of new AI, including grunts and officers, archers and clergy, haunts and zombies, and the HamBot from DEDx
6 new male Hammer voice sets, plus Haunt2 from DEDx, female Hammers for free (reusing Mech voices), and a port of Brother Murus
A hammer player arm, and hammerite-skinned arms for all weapons
Books (with book art), notes, banner, shields, decals
An HTML Readme with full instructions (also posted online, see below)
A table showing all the dependencies (required files) for using every new archetype, to make it easier to build your mission ZIP file

Related Links:

Readme (http://www.wearytaffer.com/storage/hmdk/HMDK_Readme.html)
Dependency Tables (http://www.wearytaffer.com/storage/hmdk/HMDK_Tables.html)
Preview thread (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112565)

(Readme and Tables are also included in the package for offline reference)

Now, get busy and make us all a bunch of great Hammer missions! :D