View Full Version : Haven't you noticed?

18th Jul 2007, 05:16
I have all posters of "Kane and Lynch", when i was overlooking em' last time, i've noticed a strange thing on one of them... Kane holding his weapon next to the BLIND eye! What the heck is that? Mistake of developers or what?


See it yourself!

20th Jul 2007, 12:00
He's using the force. :D

22nd Jul 2007, 13:21
guess he will hit his target anyway :p

21st Aug 2007, 18:45
Haven't you heard of blind fire? ;)

22nd Aug 2007, 16:45
I was just about to create a thread about this ^^

Have been talking about it on another forum, but I think that Kane is so well trained that he is using the same methods as diffrent special forces (for example the British Regiment, aka SAS).

They have trained to shot on the thing they are looking at without using the ironsight. Just resting the stock on the shoulder for better pressision.
It's called a special thing in Swedish, don't know what it's called in english... -.-*