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21st Nov 2013, 14:52
Ok...these are probably really stupid questions/suggestion/ideas but hey I'm going to post it and hope the world doesn't laugh too much :D I'm completely new to this style of game - never played online games before or used Steam so yeah bear with me...

Is there way to set up teams in Nosgoth? - create a group that people can join and play together? So you only play against and with people you would like to? A select group of friends or a way that other people can find the group and just randomly join and become a member? If so please can you point me to instructions? :scratch:

Ok a few questions...but now I'll give a little reasoning behind this idea....

I am looking to create a group (not sure on name - maybe a resurrection of the suicide squad) - for new players and/or people who are not star-players...people who are the lower end of the gaming spectrum but love the game/gaming...so they can play against other members of similar levels (get more enjoyable games) - learn together and - my hope is to get some good players on to 'coach' and train the new players over mics and forums in a kind of Noob School - then of course after a while having a advanced-version of the group etc so people who get better at the game can still play with the same cohorts - or other ones from the group who have got more advanced. Then these more advanced players taking over helping the new-noobs and - maybe just having a what's the term people use a 'clan' out of it all for when people get well good! :D

Any help or suggestions or even anyone who is up for this then yeah just give me a shout (same name on Steam as on here). :D

21st Nov 2013, 15:42
its fairly easy setting up a free forum on one of the gaming forum sites out there , talk to some ppl when you are in the lobby and when you have 2 you are startet :)

1. decide on a name (some times the toughest part ;) )
2. keep recruiting new players .
3. make Guides on all things about nosgoth on your forum ( don't be afraid to steal other pplĀ“s info as long as you credit them ) and be aware of the NDA you signed.
4. make a post on the Nosgoth forum that you have a clan.

good luck with this and see you on the battlefield :)

21st Nov 2013, 17:49
So in short.

Decide on a name and put it in as your IGN [GG]Lucin (The Good going team)
Recruit players
You can make a forum as Zindiq says but keep in mind of the NDA
And please recruit IG and not on the private forums.

21st Nov 2013, 18:36
Thanks for the advice guys :D
Just have to find some time... probably won't act until the game is released - if I get to do anything that is.
Lol Isn't that one of the commandments 'thou shalt not break the NDA'

21st Nov 2013, 19:02
1. You shall not troll admins, devs, mods etc.

**** I broke it

21st Nov 2013, 19:36
1. You shall not troll admins, devs, mods etc.

**** I broke it

Naughty naughty ;)

Though apparently tonight they have made a noobs area in the game so kind of now defuncts my idea in a way!
Good to know the devs are listening :D