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21st Nov 2013, 09:11
Most of these are just little thoughts, I definitely don't expect them to be put in the game just because I said so, especially not this late in the game, but it would be nice to see these or something like them in the future.

1.I noticed ropes hanging from some of the holes in roofs on some buildings and thought that the humans should be able to climb them. (or maybe i was just to simple to figure out how to do it :P)

2.When a reaver tackles somebody off off the roof, does it apply the fall damage to the human?

3.I would love to see a juggernaut style addition, similar to the heroes system in Star Wars Battlefront 2, in which one player is randomly selected, depending on time or points, and they are given a souped up character. I figured it would apply to both teams, the human having a heavily armoured hunter with a higher fire rate, and the vampires having a tyrant, with more health and damage (possibly even appearing larger).

4.I would also love to see and objective defense mode similar to Spies versus mercs in Splinter Cell Blacklist and Extermination in Aliens Colonial Marines.

5.More in-depth player customization (i realise though that this requires a huuge load of work and new art however), such as interchangable heads/helmets or even customizable player emblems (flags or paint for the humans, blood or tattoos for the vampires)

6.A horde mode with a basic weak vampire and sparse injections of the power vampires already available.

7.Infection gametype in which you start with a majority human players, where every downed human respawns as a vampire. The human who survives the longest wins the match.

8.The ability to form your own in-game clans (drawing on the emblem idea) with the added bonus of clan-tags.

9.Challenges to spice up the meta-game such as weekly, daily, and constant challenges that give you bonus xp or temporary boosts or abilities upon completion.

10.Achievements, because why not ;D (also i wanted an even number :P)

What do you guys/gals think about these?

21st Nov 2013, 10:18
I see I wasn't the only one perplexed about the rope thing. It might change the dynamic of the game a bit too much, but technically scouts also already have grappling hooks, so giving humans some alternate ways to traverse paths they can reach on land might also be an idea worth exploring.

Challenges and achievements are kind of a double-edged sword, though. They can sometimes add to a game, yeah, but they can possibly encourage players to play in ways that go against what would be the "norm" for a game. Worst case scenario it puts their team at risk of losing and frustrates the other players.

21st Nov 2013, 14:20
2.When a reaver tackles somebody off off the roof, does it apply the fall damage to the human?

I'm not sure, but it may depend on how high the roof is. If you're talking the height that a Vampire scales in 1 - 2 wall jumps then no.

21st Nov 2013, 18:17
Some pretty interesting ideas bought up here to be honest. My opinions on them would be;

1. I've noticed the ropes quite a lot too and though I was just being silly not being able to climb them too =p. I think the problem with anyone being able to climb these is just the fact that surely it would kind of make the grappling hook skill on the scouts pointless, I kind of like the fact that Humans can't necessarily get as high up as the vampires thus making you potentially have to take shelter instead.

2. I have no idea about this one, I'm usually the unlucky fellow that simply gets scooped up and stolen away from my team :( I think it would make sense if it did though in the sense that should a vampire knock someone off a ledge and the fall damage leads to the human dyeing then that should technically be at least an assist.

3. This is quite a cool idea but at the same time IMO I think that it could potentially make the games a little more unhinged if it were done incorrectly and I think that just having the pre-determined classes in the game is what makes it fun due to the fact that it feels more skill based as opposed to just randomly being given a potentially purposely broken class for a set amount of time =P.

4. I really like this idea because as much as I love team deathmatches sometimes its nice to mix it up, change the tactics etc. These game modes are really cool for learning the ropes of games due to the fact that dyeing a lot doesn't necessarily mean losing the game. I'd love to see game modes like this implemented into the game.

5. More in-depth player customization would be heavenly, I'm personally always more intrigued by games with higher levels of customization especially if they implemented the clan emblem idea...would be freakin' sweet. Being able to play as a vamp with for example a clan tag (taken from presets that would be implemented kind of like in other games) as a tattoo on the chest or plastered on like a warpaint would be ace.

6. Sounds like a relatively fun idea =P

7. This would be a very fun game mode but a lot of work would have to be put into it due to the fact that humans could just cluster up and then the solitary vampires would have very little chance of achieving anything. Don't get me wrong I'd love to play a game mode like this but I think implementing it may be too hard.

8. Goes without saying that this would be ace :^)

9. The challenges could be a cool idea but the problem is that people that only want to play the game casually won't potentially put in as much effort as people hunting for the perks, this could then mean that the casual players would be punished by the challenge hunters for not doing the same.

10. Achievements are all right, wouldn't mind either way and I agree..definitely need an even amount =P.

Sorry that it's a somewhat lengthy reply but I just thought that I may as well go somewhat in depth as it might be more useful =P.

21st Nov 2013, 18:33
I usually leave the gameplay questions for Corey to answer but I can answer #1 here at least! :)

The ropes are there as visual indicators for where a Grapple point is (Grapple is a Scout ability that you can get). We put the ropes there so that if you're running around you don't always have to be looking up in order to see the grapple point icon. I've been debating whether or not they're ultimately any help or if they're more confusing but I'll wait until more feedback comes in before I pull them out.