View Full Version : I need help russia campaign

baron rictoffen
16th Jul 2007, 18:59
How do i get an empire going with russia but not over stretch my troops becasue thats usually how i lose. Because when i try and wait to build troops i always get attacked by austria or someone else.

Zygmunt I
5th Aug 2007, 01:39
Same thing as when I play as France. Build your forces and let the AI attack YOU. They're usually pretty stupid. :whistle:

22nd Aug 2007, 04:49
ahh, Its hard. The Problem everyone faces. Who to attack and who to defend from. Im playing as russia right now, on Hard. I say, Dont piss anyone off. If u do, make sure u have alliances, big alliances. If U have barely a army to defend urself, Go for a coliation. Let me give u a example. If ur russia and Austria is at war with you and take two regions in Russia. Make a coliation with Prussia, when in turn, the Austrian Forces are out stretched. When Or If the Prussian Army attacks, the Austrian Forces ( If they dont have to much units) Will Go back to the Home land and defend the Country. Which Leaves you With two options. 1. Help the Prussian Army and take the Austria down a Couple of Nocks. 2. Back Stab the Prussians and not go after the Austrians and go to peace with them. Hope that helped

27th Sep 2007, 12:22
Hardyea's advice was good.

I've worked out how to play as Russia after a few dismal early attempts!

If you can survive the first couple of years without about five nations declaring war on the same turn you're usually ok to win.

Essentially, I avoid war at all costs until the second era, I've researched the square formation and have decent resources. It doesn't matter if you appear, on the face of it, miles behind Austria etc at that time.

You should be ok for the first 12 turns because of your alliance with Moldova. Don't spend anything from any February during the first era you so have money to renew alliances in july. Don't worry about an alliance with Sweden. Keep alliances with Moldova and/or Austria. Just make sure you're not an easy option if someone wants a war.

Poland or Sweden usually declare war at some point. Don't worry about these. Don't invade, but make sure you have forces in the adjacent territory, so if they invade you are the defender. Just do enough to keep them at arms length without sustaining heavy losses. Once, Poland declared war on me, I ignored them, they did nothing. The war continued without a shot being fired until they were annexed by Prussia. If necessary, offer to sue for peace if no shots have yet been fired.

All you have to do is survive the first era without a major war and you are in a position to win by the end of the second era.

8th Nov 2007, 21:07
Yes I agree. Wait. Build up ur forces are industries. Good Enough money. I was once playing as Russia. I put all my forces against Austria-Prussia border in which they got threatened and went to war with me. This was in the first era. Two Great Super Powers at war with me. Buy I knew I was screwed. So I agree, bypass major wars at first.