View Full Version : USER INTERFACE wining team losing

21st Nov 2013, 03:04
In 1 game we had a bug where the team that had most overall kill lost the match. We were all surprised in the lobby after and all agreed it was abnormal.

21st Nov 2013, 13:44
it seem abit like its only the 2nd match that count. im not sure on this but we have seen this before.

can more ppl confirm on this. that if you lose the last match but have a better score you still lose the match overall

21st Nov 2013, 15:46

I cannot confirm this.
I know that when a draw occurs the score is taken into consideration.

21st Nov 2013, 16:53
That would make sense Zindiq because I remember we had lost the 2nd round by like 2-3 death while we had won 1st by around 15 kills.

21st Nov 2013, 16:59
I confirm, had the same and also reported it. Let's remember to use F12 to record the screens of each map matches and halfs today!

19th Dec 2013, 20:46
This is still not fixed.

20th Dec 2013, 15:23
Yes its been reported and they are aware already :). It only happens if you lose the second round to vampires, and vamps have a score of 40 at the end. Otherwise it works as expected.