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15th Jul 2007, 16:56
I just read about this K&L in a magazine and checked it out (trailers and screenshots) . I really like the Jekyll/Hyde theme. Can you play as both Kane and Lynch since this probably will give two very different ways of gameplay (aggresive and/or sneaky)? This would also give some interesting choices regarding strategy!
I also have a kind request to the developers of K&L (IO Interactive):
If you could take a slight look on what makes games playable in true 3D noone will be happier than me! There's a small guide on how to on the MTBS3D.com site! Most of the things are obvious in programming and nowadays 70-80% of the games works right out of the box. However i a kinda want to make sure that K&L is playable in true3D! (or at least do what i can to push it in direction) :D
Mostly it is about the ability to turn off postprocessing (some bloom, ev motion blur) and AA effects in the options menue. If this can be done i would really appreciate this and it will make me a very happy man cause i really want to play this game in true 3D! :D K&L has the ability to be one of the best games ever!

My S3D Equipment: One old CRT-monitor+shutterglasses for cheap playing + a polarized rig with 2 projectors when i feel luxurious. :D


15th Jul 2007, 17:44
WOW! does ti mean that this game could get mtbs certification?!?!?!?

wow i would love that.. i already played hitman in 3d.. wa scool with bodies flying out of the screen.. :lmao:

i am shurely going to buy this if it is certified...