View Full Version : MISC. Game types

21st Nov 2013, 02:35
What kind of game types do you think can do well in Nosgoth?

21st Nov 2013, 02:44
I think there should be a defend mode. The humans defending civilians from vampires.

21st Nov 2013, 08:40
I would be interested to see see a juggernaut/king or infection type mode. Juggernaut being a tyrant with souped up health and damage, maybe even one per team, with the Alchemist being the Hunter being the human tyrant, beefing his armour and fire rate. You could have them be chosen mid-round or every 30 seconds after one dies, with the best players on each time getting it or being picked at random. Infection starting with majority human players, and trying to last un-infected the longest. Maybe even one in which Humans have to guard an objective or objectives from vampires, similar to spies versus mercs in Splinter Cell Blacklist, or extermination in Aliens Colonial Marines.