View Full Version : .TR4 to .TOM conversion??

DJ Full
14th Jul 2007, 22:21
Does anybody know how to convert the .TR4 file to .TOM or .PRJ file? I made a whole model of level in .PRJ format and then I overwrited it with the level I had created before. AARRGH:mad2:!! Fortunately, I created a .WAD file earlier. Unfortunately, my level is imprisoned in .TR4 file:mad2: !! Does anybody in this world know if it's possible to reverse the conversion? I don't wanna build that from the beginning....:( :( HEeELP!!

15th Jul 2007, 08:35
This program will produce a prj file from your TR4 file. :)


DJ Full
15th Jul 2007, 11:05
That will save a week of my holiday.