View Full Version : STORE Hunter weapons missing description and related buy-menu bug

21st Nov 2013, 01:56
Other players seem to have this problem in more inconsistent ways. I was looking through the shop at the hunter weapons, and although I swear they were there yesterday, the hunter's alternative weapons all seem to be missing descriptions. I asked a few other players, one of which said that when he looked, only one of the weapons was missing the description.

Another related bug (which I feel would be worth posting in the same thread as it revolves around the same general area of the game) was when I tried to buy a weapon earlier. I believe it was a hunter weapon (though I may be mistaken), and when I clicked the buy button to bring me to the premium cash vs. ingame cash menu. When I got there, both of the "Buy" buttons were completely gone. When I hovered my mouse over one of them, I saw a bit of Text labeled "Buy" in a COMPLETELY wrong area. As I switched between the two buttons, the word "Buy" got closer and closer to it's intended destination until they were both in their correct position, after which they did not move when alternating between the two buttons.

21st Nov 2013, 02:39
Hunter weapon descriptions should be present now.

24th Jan 2014, 16:13
I'm getting the "buy" text in the wrong place bug too but only for the gold option.