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14th Jul 2007, 14:01
hello i m new user here i want too know that i m playing tombraider anniversiry

my system is
dell optiplex GX260

2.66ghz 512kb cache

1gb DDr2 667mhz ram

64mb builtin 3D card

when i play the game the game works slowly and after 5 or 10 minutes my game crashes

can some 1 know how too fix this problem:o :o

Below Zero
14th Jul 2007, 14:54
Welcome to the fourms! Sorry, I cant because I play on the playstation, but theres plenty of people on this fourm that can help you. I wish you luck on fixing your problem.

15th Jul 2007, 23:19
Hi Slim_shady,

welcome to the forum.

When you say the game runs slowly, how slowly do you mean? Is it just a low framerate?

Although the rest of your system is well up to the task, onboard (built-in) graphics chips are not really the best and yours doesn't really meet the minimum specification for running this game. I believe it's an Intel 845G and that it actually only has 32mb of dedicated graphics memory. It 'borrows' another 32mb of memory from the system RAM to make the quoted 64mb. This will slow things quite a bit and still only just meets the requirements for the game.

One thing you could try is to increase the amount of system memory the graphics is allowed to use. You should be able to do this in the BIOS settings. You should give it at least 128mb or, better still, 256mb. This won't speed up the graphics as such, but should allow the game to load it's textures properly. Hopefully it will then run at a playable speed and it may also stop it crashing.

The only other solution is to buy a proper graphics card with at least 256mb of memory. Your are gonna need to do this anyway if you are going to play modern games on this machine. Many of them now require higher specs than Anniversary. Legend, for example, needs a top-end card to run with the Next Generation graphics enabled.

Anyway, good luck.