View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Not able to enter text in lobby.

21st Nov 2013, 01:47
As far as I am aware, this is happening to a very few number of individuals (myself included) at completely random times. I honestly have no idea what causes this glitch, but it has happened twice to me today.

Randomly during lobby visits, I will be completely unable to type anything, totally out of the blue. I will have just typed a message, and notice the text cursor is gone. When this happens, I have tried LMB, RMB, typing letters or just pressing Enter with the text space empty, but only after repeatedly doing these thing numberous times does the game, completely unexpectedly, allow me to type again. It may be easier to get out of this bug by clicking on the LEFT side of the text space, but this is more of a hunch (last time it broke I clicked on the left side where the text indicator would be, and after a few clicks the text bar was restored.)

21st Nov 2013, 11:00
Thanks for reporting, I had the same problem and is hereby confirmed.

I will put it in the known bug list.